When investing, never forget your targets.

What we do.

For us, alternative investments such as property, infrastructure, agriculture and forestry, and private equity investments belong in a professionally structured investment portfolio. 

Unlike classic fund initiators, we only structure closed-ended special AIFs (alternative investment funds) using already existing search orders. The asset allocation, investment style and dividend payout policy are tailored to the investor – we prefer the investment vehicle with which the investor achieves its strategies and goals best and uses its opportunities.

Our speciality funds with a clear investment focus follow a strategy that forms one single type of use or one specific investment style, such as real-estate project developments.

We achieve a profit advantage by creating direct access to assets that are only cast in the right fund mould after a positive investment decision by the investor. These funds offer a thoroughly attractive yield-risk profile, as we spread the risk over different items and managers. A special feature is that there are no sales costs with us, as we only structure our special AIFs on behalf of our clients and partners.

Our team will develop the safety concept for you: this added value includes active influence on the design of the legal structure, the business model and the selection of financial partners by tendering. 

We keep a special eye on the quality and reliability of the partners. 

Kontora Kapitalverwaltungs GmbH is thereby independent and free from the interests of third parties. 

Opportunities for you 

With the Kontora group, you will have access to the implementation strengths and the expert knowledge you need to carry out all transactions successfully.

  • Over ten years of experience and a positive track record in the analysis, selection, structuring and monitoring of alternative investments with a focus on real estate, project financing, moveable property, private equity funds and containers, aircraft and farming.
  • Extensive know-how in the structuring and management of investment assets – in Germany, the EU and other countries.
  • Balance of interests between investors and Kontora, as our special AIFs are created using only the search orders of our clients.
  • Development of widely diversified portfolios for our clients.
  • No sales costs or sales commission. 

Fund vehicles with high sales costs annoy me. Why should an investor pay for the investor search? That’s why the process of establishing a fund is different here: first, investors join forces, and then a fund is established. The profit is in the purchase.

Stephan Buchwald
Executive Management, Risk Management

Our staff

Your contact partner is always just a phone call away: our Hamburg team.


Tangible assets

Often neglected, sometimes decisive for success: the optimal number of tangible assets in your portfolio.


Complaints and conflicts of interest

The legal requirements and our approach to conflicts are congruent: solve them, or better still, prevent them.